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Client Testimonials

Creative self expression, satisfaction & attention to detail are the foundation of the value system of Aligned Designs. With priorities in symbiotic exchange, active listening, support and co-creativity, relationships with Clients are cultivated with the highest sensitivity. Read what people have to say about working with Aligned Designs on their home improvement, renewal and renovation projects.

Pergola Rescue

"Claire did beautiful work for us, completely repairing and rebuilding our entranceway. And we liked having her around, too. Always pleasant yet entirely focused on the job at hand. We would hire her again in an instant."

Pergola Rescue
Tiny Home Deck Build_edited_edited.jpg

Tiny Home Deck Build

"The project was to upgrade my one-pallet deck to a functional sitting place and disguise the unsightly rainwater cistern with foliage.  Claire quickly grasped the concept, presented some designs and got to work.  She built a substantial deck which may outlast the house.  She custom-designed planters with trellis to seamlessly surround half of the cistern to allow me to grow vines/sweet peas to cover the cistern.  The work was done with extreme precision and care.  Attention to detail was evident.  The work was completed in a timely manner and the site was cleaned up beautifully.  I was and am beyond thrilled with the finished product. "

Closet Organizing

"I moved into my downtown apartment over 3 years ago, and since then, my closet hall closet has been a gathering place for all the random things that didn't have a home. Gift wrapping, tools, candles, and board games, among a myriad of other things, populated the space. Over time, its disorganization slowly spilled into the hall on the ground. Things were put away in a rush or just tossed in while focusing on tasks or projects. On a number of occasions, I went through and sorted things, trying to place certain items on specific shelves and hoping that it would stick. However, over time, it would devolve back into a bit of a mess.

Claire from 'Aligned Designs' took on this space as an organizational project, sorting through and categorizing all the items found there. From there, she determined what I subconsciously kept putting into the space and organized the closet according to those specifications. Finding aesthetically matching containers, she set about placing the closet items into aptly named bins that I could easily access, fill, and find things in.

Upon completion, I was incredibly impressed with how both the space worked and felt as I passed by it. Having a disorganized space I passed by every day had me mentally placing it on a nonexistent future 'to tidy' list. The true test was that this was months ago, and I am incredibly surprised and in awe that for the first time in years, this space has maintained its order and tidiness. Instead of casually placing things on the shelf as I pass, I find myself approaching it, scanning the bins, and placing the odd item in its appropriate home.

I am both eager and excited to work with Claire more in the future, both in simplifying my space and building the desired aesthetic and productivity-based environment I need within my home."

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